Position: CASA Advocate Supervisor

Credentials and Experience

This position requires a Bachelor’s Degree in a Human Services or Education field. Master’s Degree preferred. At least three years certified as a Court Appointed Special Advocate preferred. At least five years in human or social services organization preferred. Must be able to work with diverse populations with various socio-economic backgrounds. Basic computer skills are needed to write reports, letters, etc.

Functions of the Job

The CASA Advocate Supervisor is responsible for the overall integrity and operation of the Program Volunteers and is responsible for administering the program in accordance with the national, state, and local CASA mission, goals, and policies.

CASA Advocate Supervisor should also:

1. Supervise the activities of all volunteers.

2. Recruit male and female volunteers from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds and from a variety of age groups and socio-economic levels.

3. Maintain regular and consistent screening procedures for all volunteers as well as initial and on-going trainings to all volunteers.

4. Remain well versed in areas such as child abuse and neglect, state and federal legislation affecting children and CASA.

5. Supplement case management of all cases and appear in court when necessary.

6. Maintain all case records and make sure that reports and communication with the courts is timely and accurate

7. Work in conjunction with Program Director, Executive Director, and Board of Directors to ensure that all policies and procedures related to CASA are being followed

8. Conduct Darkness to Light Trainings within the community

9. Perform other duties, as assigned.

Expected Results

1. Ensure that any child assigned a CASA receives the best possible advocacy and services from the CASA program

2. Ensure that all volunteers are competent and professional

3. Ensure that all volunteers are making appropriate recommendations that are in the best interests of the children served and their families

4. Ensure consistent, timely communication with the courts on all children receiving services from CASA

5. Ensure that community members are being educated in regards to sexual abuse through the Darkness to Light training

Please forward cover letter and resume to Dawn Barras, LPC at dbarras@pcccf.org