Plaquemines Children and Youth Planning Board - Chair

The CARE Center collaborates with local public and private partners to expand, enhance, and enlarge its capacity for assisting youth in Plaquemines Parish through the chairing and coordinating of the Children and Youth Planning Board.  Specifically, the Planning Board is made up of representatives of the CARE Center, Plaquemines Parish Government, Plaquemines Parish Public Defender’s Office, Plaquemines District Attorney’s Office, Plaquemines Parish Sheriff’s Office, 25th Judicial District Court, Plaquemines Parish School System and Special Education Department, Plaquemines Parish Council, Plaquemines Parish Medical Center/Hospital Services District, YMCAs of Plaquemines Parish, Plaquemines Department of Youth and Family Services, LA Office of Juvenile Justice, the labor and business community, and the faith based community.

Plaquemines Children and Adolescent Stakeholders - Chair

Stakeholder meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every even numbered month at 8:00 a.m., for the Coordinating Advisory Council, as Plaquemines Parish Drug Free Communities, as Plaquemines Parish Juvenile Division and Juvenile Drug Court Stakeholders, as Plaquemines Parish Child Abuse Protocol Committee, and all Stakeholders who work with the children and youth of Plaquemines Parish.  These meetings are held with various agencies and individuals within the community who work with the youth in the parish and who come to coordinate services for those residents in the parish. 

Community Presentations

Upon request, staff members go out into various community agencies and offer training and presentations.  Training and presentations have included topics such as parenting, bullying, teen suicide, substance use, anger management, self-esteem, drug education, domestic violence, healthy living, computer classes, health insurance, and crisis debriefing. They have been conducted in the schools, churches, community centers, and parish buildings. 

Plaquemines Multi-Disciplinary Team

Plaquemines - St. Bernard Healthy Communities Coalition - Chair