Let’s Be Young At Heart!

Aging is a process that we will all go through; simple as that, it is part of life however, it can be a healthy process.

Let’s think of ways that we can embrace the aging process in a healthy way. We must remember that sleep is so precious, even in our busy world, we must stop, close our eyes by taking a nap to give our heart a break. How about our relationships with family, friends, and colleagues? Make sure that we are in the presence of those who are positive and give us encouragement to follow our dreams. These are the people who make us laugh and keep us happy!

When we think of what we want to do, be realistic in making decisions and choices that will be clear and precise. Money comes into play when we have chosen to accomplish our goals, so we must create a budget and avoid the stress of overspending.

Now, here is the big one! Eating foods that supply energy is great, but can be difficult here In the South. Fried foods, spicy foods, sweets, and soda are all so comforting to consume. Yes, these foods give us comfort, but what about energy? We need food, such as spinach, beans, and some meats that will supply oxygen to our red blood cells for energy. We must eat the right foods at the right time and prepare healthy snacks.

Being active is such a plus. We must move those limbs, and stretch those muscles. Having a buddy system might be great as encouragement for one another. Get moving!