Alzheimer's Disease

According to the website for the Alzheimer’s Association, November is the National Alzheimer’s disease and awareness month and family caregivers month.    Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia that attacks the brain.   The disease affects the patients mental ability so severely that the patient’s normal daily life declines eventually to the point where the patient needs around the clock care. 

Alzheimer’s is a disease that I know all too well.  My mother suffered with the disease for several years before she passed away in 1999.  She was a textbook case, having gradual loss of memory telling elaborate stories she believed were true.   She had a phase where she would always try to leave home and walk the neighborhood.  She eventually progressed to the late-stage (severe) of the disease; becoming child-like before her demise.    From my experience, I will say it is very important to learn as much about the disease as possible.  Doing so will help you as a family member have a better understanding as to how to cope with your new normal and better help your love one who is stricken by the disease.   

The Alzheimer’s Association list ten early signs and symptoms to look for along with an abundance of information to help both the newly diagnosed and their family.  The web address is provided below for your convenience to peruse the Alzheimer’s Association information